Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies Inc. has appointed Hussein Hallak to the strategic advisory board.

Mr. Hallak is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of business experience. He developed over 20 start-ups, completed two tech start-up exits, spearheaded the world’s first and largest marketplace for Middle Eastern art, helped grow several tech start-ups in less than a year, and trained hundreds of successful founders.

“We are very excited to have Hussein as a strategic adviser. He has extensive experience in the technology start-up space in addition to his in-depth blockchain knowledge,” said Sefton Fincham, president of Cloud Nine. “We believe that his broad perspectives and expertise will help us through this growth phase as we develop and increase our product portfolio.”

Mr. Hallak is currently the chief executive officer and founder of Unleashed Ventures Inc. He was recently the vice-president of products and strategy at 3 tier logic, where he was instrumental in launching new, robust, secure and highly scalable products, and closing deals with major global brands like Unilever, Universal Pictures and Toro.

“Decentralized technology redefines how various industries operate, improving efficiencies and reducing the cost of doing business,” said Mr. Hallak, CEO and founder of Unleashed Ventures. “I am thrilled to join Cloud Nine’s advisory board, and look forward to supporting the board and its executive team as they move forward to developing and launching their emerging technology products.”

An outspoken start-up community advocate, Mr. Hallak was the general manager of Launch (previously Launch Academy), one of North America’s top tech hubs and start-up incubators with over 3,500 founders incubated and over 500 start-ups that raised over $800-million.

He was a strategic adviser for several successfully financed tech, blockchain and impact start-ups including Fintrux, which raised $25-million through an initial coin offering, and MajikBus, which publishes high-end photography prints of music legends like Freddie Mercury, Sammy Davis and The Beatles.

A keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, blockchain and education, Mr. Hallak is recognized as one of 30 Vancouver tech thought leaders and influencers, and has been featured in Forbes, BBC, BetaKit, Entrepreneur, DailyHive, Notable and CBC.

Mr. Hallak is a graduate of the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme and holds a BSc in electronics engineering.

About Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies Inc.

Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies is a technology company focused on incorporating emerging technologies into its current platforms leveraging Web 3.0. Cloud Nine’s mission is to fuel innovation and make the future more accessible by powering the launch and growth of future tech companies. Web 3.0 enables a future where decentralized users and machines are able to interact with data, value and other counterparties through a substrate of peer-to-peer networks without the need for third parties.

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