We Are Building a VPN Ecosystem

It starts with building a loyal community of users.

The more users we have anonymously connected to our community through the VPN application the more resources we have available to monetize our network.

Our VPN provides a means for users to ‘trade’ latent system resources in exchange for access to our VPN  “FREE OF CHARGE.”

Cloud Nine is then able to collectively monetize the pooled resources of its user-base in the following ways:

  • Digital Resource Mining
  • Decentralized Storage

Your privacy is our top priority!

Rest assured that NO personal data is ever collected by our VPN!

Digital Resource Mining

  • Our VPN is capable of using proprietary technology to leverage latent computing power not being used by VPN power users to mine Cryptocurrency and perform complex computational calculations.
  • We avoid the heavy regulatory and accounting complications by using 3rd party partners to do the mining for us using our network.
  • Our 3rd party partner handles conversion to fiat currency through a revenue share model.
  • Tokens/currency mined can be changed on the fly to meet changing market conditions.

Safe & Secure.

We never see personal data on your computer. Everything is encrypted end-to-end.

Decentralized Storage

  • Our VPN software and existing community will act as a gateway to a network specifically designed to facilitate and accommodate high end Decentralized Storage.
  • This shared cloud service is completely secure and private using AES-256-GCM symmetric encryption. Files are split into 80 pieces but only require 29 to retrieve ensuring files are always available when you need them even if a user with a piece of your file is off-line.
  • Cloud Nine earns per Terabyte while having no cost associated with physical storage because the files are spread out over our community cloud instead of physical servers.

No Subscriptions. No Hidden Fees.

The VPN only uses your resources when you're idle so you won't even notice it working!
LimitlessVPN Logo

The LimitlessVPN provides a FREE OF CHARGE alternative to mainstream subscription VPNs while simultaneously providing access to our larger decentralized infrastructure of peer-to-peer Web 3.0 users. 

We provide our community with our VPN service in exchange for accessing latent background computer resources that aren’t being used while their systems sit idle. 

Safe, Private, & Secure.